Hello, and welcome to Textability.
logo-d-72dpi-transparentTextability aims to provide insight into the benefits of applying Text Analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Information Extraction from Unstructured Data to many areas, and how it can add value to existing software solutions.

On this blog, I will discuss a variety of NLP tools, illustrate side-projects and explain different approaches to Information Extraction.

Many think of Text Analytics or Natural Language Processing as a special skill. However, a variety of easily accessible toolchains exist, and with current technologies, integration of Natural Language Processing technology into existing software solutions is not very complicated. My goal is to show how this can be achieved to help facilitating the adoption of NLP techniques in mainstream software applications.

Being a professional Software Engineer by day, I will also share thoughts on current technologies, and things I encounter on a day-by-day basis that I find worthwhile talking about.

I hope you enjoy this blog and find it helpful.