Textability offers unique expertise in Search, Text- and Data Analytics in the West of Ireland.

Are your data stores ready for GDPR?
Have you accumulated personal identifiable information about your customers?
Do you know how to align your data models with your upcoming responsibilities in the wake of the General Data Protection Regulation?

Does your business deal with unstructured (textual) information that needs to be made searchable?

Is your organization generating many customer interaction records and are you interested in making sense out of it?

Do you want to engage with your customers, but your staff cannot handle the number of queries in a timely manner?

Would you like to correlate different in-house data-sources for internal analysis, but don’t know how to build your data pipeline?

Are you interested in applying machine learning algorithms to your data, but you find it is too polluted and in need of cleansing?

Go no further – these are areas where Textability can help you. This blog will provide ideas, resources, and guidelines of interest to anyone who wants to dip into natural language processing and text analytics.

Textability specializes in document search, text and data analytics. We are experts at analyzing unstructured data and bring a great deal of experience in building out data pipelines to the table. And we can handle the complexities that natural language processing solutions typically introduce.

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